Making Government Work for Taxpayers

Stephanie wants local representatives to operate by a simple tenet; respect taxpayer dollars and make government work for those it serves.
Reduced Inefficiencies
Stephanie believes we must improve and modernize the County government on every level, adopting best practices to make government work as effectively as possible.
Protecting Our Environment
Stephanie believes we need to create a more sustainable county for this generation and the next. Protecting and enhancing the health of Suffolk’s environment is an essential part of improving residents’ quality of life here on Long Island.
Open & Transparent Government
Stephanie believes transparency deters wrongdoing and strengthens the public trust between the taxpayer and their representatives. Secrecy, on the other hand, breeds distrust. Conducting the people’s business behind closed doors erodes public trust—transparency brings accountability.
Neighborhood Safety and First Responders
Stephanie believes that public safety is the government’s most fundamental responsibility. She will support and fund our first responders so they can do their jobs to protect us all.
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